Te ride ‘nfaccia come n’amico
Cori, ch’e fatto de novo e d’antico.


C. Chiominto

The tradition.... to satisfy your taste

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The Ristorante’s aspiration is authentic: revisiting the local culinary tradition in a modern key. We like to sum up our vision in a Pentalogue, a set of five simple rules that shows perfectly what we mean when we talk about “tradinnovation”: grafting the ancient into the new and the new into the ancient. 1. Feeding…

Our Locanda

De Novo e d’Antico Locanda is a very special casual-dining restaurant in the historic town of Cori, Italy. We’re passionate about serving great food in a beautiful setting. We use local, seasonal ingredients to create modern dishes based on popular, traditional recipes. Welcome to a happy, delicious and authentic Italian dining experience! (And stay in…

Our project

De Novo e d’Antico Locanda is a lovingly restored restaurant in Cori, a town in the tradition-rich province of Latina which dates back to the 7th/6th century BC. Recently acquired by the Morucci family, this once-forgotten venue has been brought back to life with the support and direction of Simone Moroni, and offers both tradition…