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Name Description
Charcuterie Ham, salami and cold cuts from Viterbo and Bassiano.
Cheese board Cacio Faenum and Pecorino (sheep’s milk cheeses), Buffalo Caciotta
Charcuterie & Cheese board A mix of the above
Local Buffalo mozzarella Served with cucumbers, organic grown tomatoes and sweet red onions
Fassone steak tartare Piedmontese beef tartare with a raspberry and mushroom vinaigrette
Traditional Agro Pontino stewed Beans and pork rind, oxtail meatballs, chopped lamb offal, artichokes
Vegetarian De Novo & d’Antico Marinated pumpkin, chestnuts, black truffle, local Buffalo mozzarella, panzanella salad, fried cauliflowers
Meat De Novo & d’Antico (serves 2) harcuterie, cheese board, pork rind beans, oxtail meatballs, chopped lamb offal, artichokes
Seafood De Novo & d’Antico (serves 2) Tuna tartare and curly salad, minced sea bream with artichokes and mint, grilled Catalan cuttlefish, octopus potato salad
Fried salt cod Salt cod tempura with legume cream, black truffle and seasonal herbs

Pastas and soups

Name Description
Pumpkin soup Little dumplings filled with ricotta cheese and marinated ginger
Bucatini all’ Amatriciana Spaghetti-like pasta, local bacon from Bassiano, San Marzano organic tomato sauce, Roman sheep’s milk cheese (pecorino)
Rustic Spaghetti Rough spaghetti, sheep’s milk cheese, pepper, bacon from Bassiano, chopped onion
Our Pappardelle Wide stripped pasta, artichokes cooked in olive oil, parsley and garlic, calf sweetbread, black truffle
Potato gnocchi Traditional dough dumplings, Tyrrhenian prawns, tomatoes from Campania, porcini mushrooms
Ravioli di Cori Local dumplings, red potatoes, seasonal herbs, game ragou flavored with juniper and citrus
Cannelloni De Novo e d’Antico Cylindrical pasta filled with wild spinach, soft-ripened goat’s milk cheese, Cori saffron

Char-grilled meat

Name Description
Monte Lepini black pig
Roman lamb PGI
Farmyard cockerel
Local grilled meat Cori sausage, Pork Ossobuco, Lamb ribs
Fassone – Sliced fillet Piedmontese Beef – 350 gr
Fassone – Fillet Piedmontese Beef – 250 gr
Marchigiana – Sirloin steak Beef from Marche Region, without bone – 350 gr
Marchigiana – Sliced Fesone Beef from Marche Region, shoulder cut – 500 gr
Veal - fillet Local Veal Fillet 250 gr
Veal - Sliced Filled Local Veal Slice Fillet 300 gr
Irish Steak Entrecote 300 gr

Chargrilled seafood

Name Description
Grilled squid
Grilled octopus
Mixed fish grill
Whole fish (depending on the catch of the day)


Name Description
Vegan – Pecan Wild herbs salad, vitelotte, pomegranate, pecan nuts, seed mix, orange sauce
Vegan – Goji Mixed salad, pumpkin, chopped fennel, boiled chestnuts, goji berries, sprout mix
Vegetarian – Raspberry Wild rocket salad, avocado, raspberries, seed mix, sprouts of the day
Vegetarian – Primo sale Mixed salad, primosale (sheep’s milk cheese Pecorino), quinoa, artichokes, seasonal herbs

Side dishes

Name Description
Grilled vegetables
Jacket Potatoes
Mix Salad


Name Description
Tiramisù A crunchy sweet shell, coffee and chocolate biscuit, mascarpone cheese mousse
Vanilla Panna cotta Sweetened chestnut cream thickened with persimmon gelatin
Lemon Tartelletta Lemon cream, ice cream
Chocolate Delizia Chocolate cupcake (70% Valrhona), sablé biscuit, ice cream
Sorbet A choice of: Lemon, Mango, raspberries or Orange
Fruit Seasonal fruit salad