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Our project

De Novo e d’Antico Locanda is a lovingly restored restaurant in Cori, a town in the tradition-rich province of Latina which dates back to the 7th/6th century BC.

Recently acquired by the Morucci family, this once-forgotten venue has been brought back to life with the support and direction of Simone Moroni, and offers both tradition and innovation. We serve exceptional food in beautiful surroundings, with an informal atmosphere and friendly staff who are always ready to welcome you in with a smile.

Stemma logo De Novo e D'Antico

Costantino PriscoThe Chef

Head Chef Costantino Prisco simply loves to cook incredible food. Together with Executive Chef Heros De Agostinis, he creates menus that deliver sensational taste experiences. Always with respect for the heritage of our local Italian cuisine, his avant-garde approach brings new life to classic favourites.

The Managing Director

Simone Moroni is a skilled restaurateur who has worked in Italy, England and the United States. His vision, knowledge, business acumen and direction built De Novo e d’Antico from concept to reality, and his expert management keeps us on the map as a destination for food-lovers from all over the world.

The Morucci familyThe Owners

Piero and his sons Enrico and Alessandro share a passion for good food, good wine and entrepreneurial success. Together, they decided to breathe new life into a building and its town, successfully creating De Novo e d’Antico Locanda: a modern, innovative restaurant that respects the history of the surroundings in which it was built. Its…

Marco ReitanoThe Winery

Marco Reitano is a world-class sommelier whose expertise means our cellars are always stocked with the finest wine you could ever wish to taste. In 2018 he was awarded the prestigious title of ‘Best Italian Sommelier’ by Italy’s wine critic elite. Every glass served creates a perfect marriage with the food on your plate, so…