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The Ristorante’s aspiration is authentic: revisiting the local culinary tradition in a modern key.

We like to sum up our vision in a Pentalogue, a set of five simple rules that shows perfectly what we mean when we talk about “tradinnovation”: grafting the ancient into the new and the new into the ancient.

1. Feeding the passion for traditional taste:

we daily make a choice of quality, through the strict selection of raw materials and the rediscovery of traditional recipes.

2. Supporting the direct supply chain:

we keep a farm-to-table approach, paying attention to the seasonality of products.

3. Kneading tradition in order to reinterpret it:

we choose simple ingredients and process them with modern tools and advanced techniques.

4. Nourishing the rediscovery of the local territory:

we propose a traditional well-rounded tasting, from the flavour to the architecture of Cori

5. Taste an exclusive location:

we offer a welcoming and professional service, in a refined design location.

A la carte

The Ristorante De Novo e d’Antico offers a gourmet menu, or rather a fine dining experience. What does fine dining mean? A fine dining restaurant is a place where you feel pampered. You will find a reserved and exclusive – but not pretentious! – location, where tradition and innovation live together, where the service is…

Wine list

The wine list is also in line with our philosophy of innovation: the impeccable winery De Novo and D’antico counts in fact over 100 different labels, selected from local, national and international producers who have distinguished themselves for research and innovation in production. The target? To guarantee our customers quality and originality of the products,…

Tasting itineraries